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About Me Webmaster

My History as a wrestling fan

I have been a wrestling fan since 1998, which is around when I started watching as a kid. I lost interest after World Championship Wrestling folded, but regained interest sometime around 2006 after finding some assorted bootlegs on eBay, a few in particular being Starrcade 1989, Starrcade 1990, and Great American Bash 1991. After being introduced to ‘surfer’ Sting, ‘Stunning’ Steve Austin, and wrestling’s crappiest gimmick match–the scaffold match–I was hooked and unofficially became a wrestling historian. Or, at least, a ‘wannabe’ wrestling historian. DVD collecting has netted me a few thousand wrestling DVDs over the years.

I have also begun to get into international wrestling and have started, an online store that specializes in hard-to-find lucha libre & puroresu footage. It’s likely you’ll start to see some lucha articles soon.

I enjoy writing about it and discussing wrestling, but blogging can be a bit discouraging when you feel like no one’s reading it! So please, if you have an opinion or a response to any of my articles, feel free to comment. I’m also open to ‘guest posting.’ If you’d like to offer my readers a contrasting opinion and would like to be a guest poster, feel free to email me.

If you like my writing style or opinion and are a blogger yourself, I would be more than happy to write a guest post for your blog. Just let me know the details!

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