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Patrick submits in House; Octogon fights sanctioned in Massachusetts

UFC's head honcho Dana White

Eager MMA fans in the Boston area can rejoice: Governer Deval Patrick has signed a new bill that allows regulation for mixed martial arts in Massachusetts.

The number one mixed martial arts promotion, Ultimate Fighting Championship, will benefit greatly from this signing as it breaks into new territories as more and more states sign legislation to sanction fighting events.

UFC President Dana White, born in Connecticut, considers Boston his ‘home’ and is excited to have the opportunity to debut Ultimate Fighting Championship in the state.

White wants to hold an event at Fenway Park, but TD Bank Garden is the likely option. This is a big step for the sport as it allows it to expand into markets that may have only previously been reached by pay-per-view.

UFC is on the rise as the next big thing, replacing WWE’s ‘attidude era’ for in-your-face sports, reality, and entertainment.

Brock Lesnar

The bill has been passed, but no official dates have been planned, but with a political step this big for the sport, it will be no surprise if UFC announces their debut as soon as 2010.

UFC is still on the heels of the success of their 100th event where one of their top stars, Brock Lesnar, gave a controversial post-match interview that insulted their biggest sponsor, Bud Light.

That success has been on rocky waters as of late, as Lesnar has been hospitalized with a severe stomach illness that may possibly jeopardize the future of his career.

The end of Lesnar’s career could be a major blow to UFC and the sport of MMA in general as a box office draw, but expanding to new markets is an essential step towards the continuous uphill climb to success.


Brock Lesnar Wins Undisputed Title in a New Ring: UFC

Brock Lesnar: Undisputed UFC Champion

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir battle for UFC supremacy

Last night at UFC 100, former WWE Undisputed Champion and current UFC Champion Brock Lesnar defeated UFC Interim Champion Frank Mir by TKO in the second round.  After trash-talking by Frank Mir directed towards Brock Lesnar’s previous profession (professional wrestler in WWE), Brock Lesnar gets the last laugh.

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