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August 26, 2012


CM Punk – The Best in the World is on top of WWE’s World


CM Punk – The Best in the World is on top of WWE’s World

CM Punk may or may not be the best in the world. That’s up for debate, sure, but at the end of the day, it hardly matters. What does matter is that CM Punk is on his way to becoming a mega-star.

If he’s not already achieved that status.
CM Punk's Commercial for WWE 13

CM Punk in WWE 13

Every young wrestler’s dream or fantasy is to ‘make it’ to the ‘big league’ of WWE. Fame and fortune. Not everyone gets there, but once a wrestler makes it to that point, their dreams evolve. Maybe they want to have a match at WrestleMania. Maybe they want to be WWE Champion. Maybe they want to be in a video game. CM Punk has done all of this, numerous times. Now, he’s had the fortune of becoming the sole focus of the COVER of WWE’s latest video game: WWE ’13. This game will be purchased by millions, across multiple platforms, and WWE has chosen CM Punk to be the main focus. On a game that is all about ‘the Attitude Era,’ a ‘current guy’ is on the cover, because he represents tradition and history. The point here is to make CM Punk appeal to the ‘attitude’ fans, which was the plan from day one, and it is working.

WWE 13 will be released on Xbox 360, Playstation 3, and Nintendo Wii.

CM Punk – The Best on DVD & Blu-Ray

Another dream a wrestler might have is to have a DVD set made dedicated to their career. CM Punk isn’t anywhere near finished with his career and he’s already got a DVD set coming out. (Also available on Blu-Ray) It’s no ordinary DVD set, either. CM Punk had full control over every aspect of the DVD, from the footage used to the music selected. Punk set a precedent by convincing WWE to allow him to use music from bands HE wanted, rather than stock music or Jim Johnston standards.

In addition to the music, footage from independent promotions will be used for this CM Punk DVD set, potentially making this the best “WWE Home Video” release ever. WWE giving other companies attention is unheard of, especially since Ring of Honor has a TV deal and isn’t really struggling. It was enough of a shock to hear CM Punk mention New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor in his ‘pipe bomb’ promo, but to see Ring of Honor make an appearance on a WWE DVD is mind-boggling, in a very good way. Check out the trailer for the DVD set:

CM Punk didn’t turn–he sidestepped

On the 1000th episode of WWE Raw, the WWE Universe was shocked by CM Punk once more as he took out The Rock, standing tall to close the show. Amidst a time where his primary fanbase (teh internets, lolz) has either turned on him or is whining that he’s being ‘buried,’ CM Punk was put over on the most important episode of WWE Raw to date. This happened on international TV on a highly publicized episode. Why? Because WWE is 100% behind CM Punk. They wanted eyes to be on him when he did this. This is one of the reasons a lot of ‘important’ stuff happens on TV–more people will see it.

Everyone initially thought it was a heel turn, but it wasn’t. It was an extension of his semi-babyface persona and a revisiting of 2011 CM Punk, standing up to take what he deserves: the spotlight. CM Punk isn’t a heel, and he might not even be a babyface. He’s just himself–CM Punk. This rejuvenation of his character’s direction tells us that he’s holding on to the WWE Championship for a bit longer. I have no doubt in my mind: he’ll be defending it at the Royal Rumble in 2013 against The Rock. The question is: will he win?

CM Punk Punks The Rock at Raw 1000

I am starting to think that he will, believe it or not. The ‘news’ sites claim that Triple H likes long title reigns. How long is long? The longer they keep the belt on CM Punk, the longer they get a champion who puts on 4 star title matches (on a BAD day), a champion who can actually get the crowd to react. Now, I’m not a fool, and I’m happy to give John Cena his due. He can get a reaction; there’s no denying this. But I think the reason they are so behind CM Punk is that they’ve already banked on John Cena for so long, often at the expense of others. The difference between CM Punk and John Cena is that a CM Punk usually gets elevated when he loses. John Cena is talented, but I don’t quite think he has ever really had the ability to make someone into a star while still beating them.

CM Punk at WrestleMania

I’m honestly hoping that WWE will give CM Punk a chance to truly become a mega-star by challenging The Rock at WrestleMania rather than John Cena. We saw the latter happen already at WrestleMania 28, and I’m not so sure we need to see it again. Sure, it’d make sense in a storyline; John Cena wants to beat the Rock. Then they’re tied and have to face off again. Frankly, their match wasn’t that great. I’d like to see someone else get that chance, and CM Punk is easily the most likely right now. If it were up to me, I might have CM Punk hold the WWE Championship going into the Royal Rumble. If he retains, fine. The Rock then says, “but can you beat the Rock at WrestleMania?” If Punk loses at the Rumble, that’s fine too. CM Punk is entitled to a rematch, naturally. The Rock won’t wrestle again until WrestleMania, however, so it works. The real interesting thing is whether WWE holds Elimination Chamber or not. If the Rock is WWE Champion, there’s no way he’s defending it there. So either CM Punk retains at the Rumble, or there’s a #1 Contender Elimination Chamber match. This is why gimmick match PPVs are horrible for booking, especially right before WrestleMania.

Either way, it’s an exciting time for wrestling fans. Dolph Ziggler is on the rise, CM Punk is on top, and Daniel Bryan might be one of the most popular wrestlers on the roster.

What do you think the future holds for WWE and CM Punk?


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