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September 19, 2011


John Cena, the Rock, CM Punk, & Triple H: The road to Survivor Series & Beyond

Let the speculation and fantasy-booking begin.

One night after Night of Champions, and we’re already speculating about Survivor Series. Well, I am, at least. The rest of the wrestling world is probably drooling over Hell in a Cell 2011 and how that will go down, however illogical a gimmick pay-per view may be.

Last night we saw John Cena capture his hundredth WWE Championship (or something like that) and Triple H pin CM Punk after a barrage of run-ins on both participants of the match. Peter Gabriel would be proud, as we saw a return of the sledgehammer, as Kevin Nash was laid out by Triple H. It’s sad that I have to stop and think who had something to do with wrestling most recently, Peter Gabriel or a sledgehammer, but I do assume Triple H utilized the weapon more recently than “Big Time” WrestleMania 22.

Anywho, back to business. I don’t see Alberto Del Rio in a Hell in a Cell match. It would make absolutely zero sense and he’d be out of his element. I really don’t know what they’re going to do with Cena, unless they go the tag match route, but that wouldn’t make much sense either. I just don’t logically see a WWE Championship Hell in a Cell match this year.

Triple H and CM Punk WILL however do battle in the massive cage, mark my words. The point of a cage is no escape, and protection from interference, which would make perfect sense for Punk & Triple H. “Awesome Truth” and Kevin Nash can’t interfere if the match takes place in the confines of a Hell in a Cell cage. Given the number of Hell in a Cell matches that have spilled outside of the cage, though, (I mean hell, it’s an annual feature in WWE video games) I think it defeats the purpose and we’d see interference anyway. As far as booking the match, goes, it would work, though.

Alberto Del Rio in Hell in a Cell makes no sense. But you already knew that. But...does WWE?

For Del Rio, though, it’d make little sense. Sure, he’ll be getting a rematch. But for a Hell in a Cell match to take place between him and John Cena, it wouldn’t make sense.  Unless…

Now, truthfully I have no idea how close to Rey Mysterio is to returning. For all I know, he could miss WrestleMania, so take this as a hypothetical fantasy-booking concept. These two have done battle many times since Del Rio has debuted. Usually, it involves interference from Ricardo Rodriguez. Rey’s had some great feuds in recent years and this is certainly one of them. The next logical step would be Hell in a Cell–a first for both wrestlers.

Mysterio returned in 2009 AT Hell in a Cell to team up with Batista to face Jerishow for the tag titles. It wasn’t a Hell in a Cell match, but this year, this situation’s return could warrant one.

On the Smackdown end of things, new world champion Mark Henry will undoubtedly face Randy Orton in a Hell in a Cell match. It would make sense. Will it be good? Maybe, maybe not. I for one am very happy to see Henry win a world championship. Had he not won it last night, he would have won it at Hell in a Cell.

Regarding the Rock, I doubt he’ll be back on TV anytime soon unless it’s via satellite. Him being booked to wrestle is enough alone to probably sell Survivor Series, and they’ll hold off on appearances to ensure that more people will buy it. I really think Punk & Triple H will be worked into the match, but I’m not sure how. Personally I’d love to see the pay-per-view not even have a world title match:

Cena, The Rock, CM Punk, Sheamus, and Randy Orton vs R-Truth, The Miz, Kevin Nash, Mark Henry, and Christian. The Big Show returns to rekindle his feud with Mark Henry, with the Big Show probably going over for the title at Royal Rumble 2012. The faces would probably dominate but Mark Henry would be protected and eliminated by count-out as he walks off to brawl with Big Show. This would be one hell of a main event and it would leave the rest of the card open for a US title or Intercontinental title match, or the tag titles.

Hell, put the tag belts back onto Otunga & McGillicutty, and do another Survivor Series match with champions versus challengers, where if a champion gets pinned, he loses his title: McGillicutty, Otunga, Ziggler, Rhodes, & Beth Phoenix vs Air Boom, [Morrison, Swagger, or Alex Riley]  Dibiase, and Kelly Kelly. Elimination style, and you’d probably have the heel team win but have a title or two change hands. By then, I’d hope Beth Phoenix would be a champion, so it could work.

There's dos Caras there, Junior. See what I did there?

Sin Cara vs Sin Cara could also be properly built to be a PPV-worthy match on its own by then, too.

The trouble with having a card that traditionally consists of 5 on 5 matches is it requires far more wrestlers than a company might be used to using. With Big Show, Kane, and Mysterio all M.I.A., there are even less options available.

A lot of things could change before Survivor Series. John Cena could lose the WWE title on Raw. Not likely, but entirely possible. This is all speculation, but that’s what makes wrestling fun.

What’s your ideal Survivor Series card?

September 21 edit: WWE has defied all logic by including CM Punk in the Del Rio / Cena Hell in a Cell match. Punk vs Triple H would be a far better draw, don’t you think? If they have the cell, why not use it for more matches? It wouldn’t cost anything extra, other than the electricity. Hell, they could always just leave the cell down for the entire card. Who wants to see Kelly Kelly get pummeled in a Hell in a Cell match? Anyone? No? OK, well we can at least agree that the other midcard matches would be great in the cell. 


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