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July 22, 2010

Raw Review: Miz/Sheamus, Cena/Nexus, Bret Hart returns…again

The WWE Raw dysfunctional family of ChrisJericho, Sheamus, Edge, Randy Orton, and John Cena teams up to face the Nexus.

The WWE Raw dysfunctional family of ChrisJericho, Sheamus, Edge, Randy Orton, and John Cena teams up to face the Nexus.

I really enjoyed Raw this week. Normally I can’t stand it, but it really was a solid show. I don’t know if it’s because they are beginning to build up hard for their second-biggest show of the year, SummerSlam, but whatever. It’s working.

The picture at the left is from a future Raw. I lost my picture database so future-me re-added pics to the archives. (Just go with it!)

The show started with a high-octane, pay-per-view caliber triple threat match between Randy Orton, Chris Jericho, and Edge to determine Sheamus’s opponent at SummerSlam. For free TV, it was a damn good match, and it was followed up with  a great altercation involving Nexus and the ‘odd couple’ of Edge and Jericho. Jericho called out Edge, and they were either hinting at an all-out feud or the formation of a team. I’m not really sure. Either way, they tried to out-heel eachother by claiming that they could lead Nexus.

Nexus’ music hits, and they deliver a beatdown to Edge. Jericho puts Edge in the Walls of Jericho and realizes Nexus wants him, too. Jericho takes a beatdown of his own. Another great Nexus angle that showcases the young stars. WWE is doing a fantastic job of creating seven menacing young stars, seemingly out of thin air.

Meanwhile, Sheamus calls for a truce with the group, and John Cena teases joining them or calling for a truce of his own. If I hadn’t read the spoilers ahead of time, I would have been on the edge of my seat, wondering it that was the day John Cena finally turned heel.

Eve Torres vs Maryse: A forgettable divas match (there’s a redundant statement if I’ve ever heard one) despite Maryse being pretty hard to forget in general… Ted DiBiase Jr & John Morrison altercation. Rumor has it that Melina will be back soon to re-pair with Morrison against DiBiase and Maryse. I can’t wait. (Seriously!)

Sheamus cuts a promo about his truce with Nexus, and Miz interrupts. Awesome, awesome promo; no pun intended. The anonymous GM books an impromtu match for Sheamus against Evan Bourne, which Sheamus wins with ease, as expected. Miz, at ringside throughout the match, runs in and knocks Sheamus out cold. He ‘cashes in’ for a title shot, but quickly takes the briefcase back when R-Truth runs in for the save.

If you don’t like The Miz, you might as well stop watching WWE, because he is a future main event fixture.

But…damn, I couldn’t possibly hate R-Truth more than I already do.

Right time for me to get bucked! The right time for me to get crunk! The right time for me to step it up,,knuckle up,,and blow the roof up!!

“@: Right time for me to get bucked! The right time for me to get crunk!” right time for you to STFU already.

That was honestly the nicest way I could put that. Why do I follow him, anyway?

I’m assuming a Miz/R-Truth feud will follow. This could be good or bad.

The Good:

  • More Miz matches
  • If Miz loses the US Title, it could be a sign he will be successful when he cashes in.

The Bad:

  • More “What’s Up?”
  • If Miz loses the title, it could be a sign he will also lose when he cashes in, as part of an ultimate blowoff to him being such a jackass of a heel. I mean jackass in a really good way.
  • I will be very worried if R-Truth challenges Miz for the briefcase
  • R-Truth as WWE Champion… on that note, I think I’ll stop talking about this.

Wade Barrett lifts Mark Henry onto his shoulders for a Wasteland. Impressive, no?

Wade Barrett vs World’s Strongest Man on a Mission: Mark “Big Daddy M” Henry as the main event. Props to Barrett for lifting old porky onto his shoulders, but he nearly killed the guy when he dropped him. Barrett get the win over a former Royal Rumble main eventer. Cue the Nexus, and cue Cena. Nexus turns down Cena’s truce and asks him to join. Cena declines, and brings out his team who will face the seven rookies at SummerSlam.

The team is everyone you’d expect; most of them have been ambushed by the rebel group in the past. John Morrison, Edge, Chris Jericho, Great Khali, R-Truth, Cena. The best was saved for last, literally. The best there is, was, and ever will be, Bret Hart, will be number seven in Cena’s team to take on Nexus at SummerSlam.

Part of me is really excited to see Bret Hart, period. Hearing the guitar wail that cues his entrance signifies that greatness is in the making, just because of his history. However, part of me wants to do a good, old-fashioned ‘facepalm,’ because the more they go to the Bret Hart well, the faster it’ll run dry. He shouldn’t be wrestling again, and he probably shouldn’t be doing promos, either. I was content with his final match being a win for the US Title, but now it will (for now) be in a 14-man tag team bout.

This could be good, because Bret can work the whole match without actually getting involved other than punches and kicks, and the rest of the team can take the bumps, setting Hart up to finish with the Sharpshooter. I’m saying “ughhh” but looking forward to it at the same time.

Side note: is reporting that Ricky Steamboat was originally planned to be Cena’s surprise ‘legend.’ Obviously those plans were nixed due to Steamboat’s recent health scare, which is a shame from the fans’ perspective because Steamboat can still work matches.

Ricky Steamboat still hospitalized. Stable, improving, & hopes 2 b out of hospital this week. More good days than bad.

By the end of the broadcast, two big matches were confirmed for SummerSlam:

  • Sheamus vs Randy Orton (WWE Title)
  • Team Cena vs Nexus (7 on 7)

All in all, I’m looking forward to it. Are you?

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