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Brock Lesnar, the only man to hold the WWE and UFC Heavyweight Championships.

Ten Ideal Brock Lesnar Opponents: Part 2 – Five Long-shots

Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE is a big deal, but who will he face?

Last week I talked about Five Possibilities in Part 1 of my list of ‘Ten Ideal Brock Lesnar Opponents.’ This week, I’ve got the second half, with five long-shots. Possible? Of course. Nothing in WWE is ever out of the realm of possibility, though I don’t see these being likely. A few might have true potential to be not only watchable but downright entertaining.

First off, let me say that I’m tempted to put the The Rock on this list. Sure, he’s the eventual blockbuster name to face Brock Lesnar, but do we really picture The Rock getting physical with Lesnar? I mean…. Extreme Rules physical? For that reason, I’m hesitant to even put this first choice on this list:

Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton?Brock Lesnar vs Randy Orton

Let’s face it: when it comes down to it, Randy Orton isn’t a brawler. He gives off that pretty-boy vibe and doesn’t strike me as someone who’d get his hands dirty. Then again, it’s been a while, and I’m referring to the 2012 Orton. 2004 Orton was a different story, as he took Mick Foley to the limit. However, didn’t Foley take the majority of the punishment in their feud? Oops, I’m mistaken. Check this one out:

That’s from WWE Backlash 2004. I’m not saying wrestling needs blood and thumbtacks…in fact I’m pretty much against it. While you’re at it, check out T Holzerman’s recent article that pretty much offers the same sentiments; I’m glad I’m not the only one to realize this. However, it’s easy to see that in order to work with the 2012 Brock Lesnar ‘character,’ there’s a minimum level of physicality expected that we haven’t seen in years. Randy Orton desperately needs a reboot and this could be a great opportunity. More after the jump. Read moreRead more


Ten Ideal Brock Lesnar Opponents in WWE: Part 1 – Five Possibilities

Brock Lesnar

Brock Lesnar’s return to WWE is a big deal, but who will he face?

Let’s face it: Whenever a big return happens, it’s a fantasy-booker’s dream. We all have an idea of how we could ‘do it better,’ and what happens on the screen isn’t always what we imagined in advance, for better or worse. When Brock Lesnar made his impactful re-debut in WWE, the wheels started turning in everyone’s minds.

Here are some hopeful (and completely possible) opponents for Brock Lesnar to plow through as he works through his $5 million deal.

Could Brock Lesnar face The Rock?

Brock Lesnar vs The Rock

We’ll start with the painfully obvious. These two have a history, and if done carefully, Brock Lesnar vs The Rock can (and probably will) be the big-money-match for WrestleMania 29. The Miami Raw after ‘Mania told us two things: The Rock wants the WWE Championship one more time, and Brock Lesnar is back, and pissed at the world. My prediction was that Brock Lesnar would snag a title shot versus CM Punk at SummerSlam, and hold the belt straight through to WrestleMania, and drop it to the Royal Rumble winner, The Rock. It looks like they’re really behind ‘those internet guys,’ so my prediction’s a bit off, but I still think we’ll see Rock versus Brock Lesnar at Mania. More after the jump. Read moreRead more

Paul Heyman

Paul Heyman is back in WWE…but to what extent?

Paul Heyman is back in WWE…but to what extent?

Everyone that doesn’t live in North Carolina was pretty excited to see Paul Heyman come back to WWE on Monday. Hold your horses, though. Many fans love Heyman as an on-screen managerial-mouthpiece, but a lot of fans respect him for his ‘creative’ side behind the scenes. I hate to break it to you all, but Heyman is back ONLY as an on-screen persona. He is not involved with creative decisions or writing. I’m hoping that will change, but for now, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

Paul Heyman back in WWE

Paul Heyman and Brock Lesnar?

Brock Lesnar signed for a limited quantity of dates across 2012-2013, so Heyman was finally decided to be a good option as someone they can use to continue Lesnar’s storylines on dates where Lesnar isn’t booked. It’s genius, really. You pay $5 million to Lesnar for limited dates, but in a way, you still get him to be ‘represented’ on every single show, via Paul Heyman.

Paul Heyman and CM Punk?

While CM Punk is a ‘Paul Heyman Guy,’ it appears Paul Heyman is a ‘CM Punk Guy,’ according to PWinsider: “While one of the reasons Heyman has returned is to work with close friend Lesnar, word is that he also returned to potentially work with CM Punk down the line. Heyman has much respect for Punk and will work with him on the upcoming Punk DVD release.” Cheap plug: order saidDVD or Blu-Ray and help me out, eh?

Given that the working relationship is strong, MAYBE we’ll see him write again, but unless he is given free-range, don’t hold your breath. I’m content with him being an on-screen figure since he can talk his ass off. As long as they don’t try to revive ECW again, we’re fine and [El] dandy.

What’s your favorite Paul Heyman memory?

WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 …now with more Brock Lesnar!

WWE Extreme Rules 2012… now with more Brock Lesnar!

It’s that time of year, again, kids. Backlash!

Oh, wait, no. That’s right; Backlash is gone and the dying remnants of ECW are thrown at us in the form of a monthly gimmick pay-per-view. WWE Extreme Rules 2012. I hate to get all negative right off the bat, but you know it’s true. Gimmicks for the sake of having a gimmick don’t make much sense to me. However, somehow, the booking for this year’s Extreme Rules event WORKS for nearly all of the gimmick matches involved.

WWE Extreme Rules 2012: Brock Lesnar vs John Cena

First up, we’ve got Brock Lesnar returning for his first wrestling match in around seven years. …At Extreme Rules 2012. Odd, no? Don’t worry, he’ll be sticking around for a bit. A month after The Rock makes his big return to WrestleMania, Brock Lesnar’s back in the ring, too. (Speaking of which, I never wrote a WrestleMania article, and probably won’t. The whole show was forgettable. If you want me to complain about it, tell me to, and I’ll write up an article just for you.) Not only his match at Extreme Rules 2012 a return match, but Brock Lesnar’s hot off the trails of UFC.

So how does a ‘real’ fighter transition back to ‘fake fighting?’ Well, you make your return and pop the face of the company in the mouth, busting his lip open. Whether this was intentional or accidental isn’t the point. The point is that something that LOOKED real happened. In a worked-shoot sort of way, Brock Lesnar just may be correct in his claims of bringing ‘legitimacy’ back to WWE. So, his match with John Cena will be an ‘Extreme Rules’ match. I expect this to be brutal in a good way, but I do hope they don’t go too overboard. The hardcore gimmick will allow this match to be a brawl rather than a wrestling match, which will fit nicely for Lesnar, given his evolved ‘fighting’ background. My pick: Brock Lesnar wins. Read moreRead more


Patrick submits in House; Octogon fights sanctioned in Massachusetts

UFC's head honcho Dana White

Eager MMA fans in the Boston area can rejoice: Governer Deval Patrick has signed a new bill that allows regulation for mixed martial arts in Massachusetts.

The number one mixed martial arts promotion, Ultimate Fighting Championship, will benefit greatly from this signing as it breaks into new territories as more and more states sign legislation to sanction fighting events.

UFC President Dana White, born in Connecticut, considers Boston his ‘home’ and is excited to have the opportunity to debut Ultimate Fighting Championship in the state.

White wants to hold an event at Fenway Park, but TD Bank Garden is the likely option. This is a big step for the sport as it allows it to expand into markets that may have only previously been reached by pay-per-view.

UFC is on the rise as the next big thing, replacing WWE’s ‘attidude era’ for in-your-face sports, reality, and entertainment.

Brock Lesnar

The bill has been passed, but no official dates have been planned, but with a political step this big for the sport, it will be no surprise if UFC announces their debut as soon as 2010.

UFC is still on the heels of the success of their 100th event where one of their top stars, Brock Lesnar, gave a controversial post-match interview that insulted their biggest sponsor, Bud Light.

That success has been on rocky waters as of late, as Lesnar has been hospitalized with a severe stomach illness that may possibly jeopardize the future of his career.

The end of Lesnar’s career could be a major blow to UFC and the sport of MMA in general as a box office draw, but expanding to new markets is an essential step towards the continuous uphill climb to success.


Brock Lesnar Wins Undisputed Title in a New Ring: UFC

Brock Lesnar: Undisputed UFC Champion

Brock Lesnar vs Frank Mir battle for UFC supremacy

Last night at UFC 100, former WWE Undisputed Champion and current UFC Champion Brock Lesnar defeated UFC Interim Champion Frank Mir by TKO in the second round.  After trash-talking by Frank Mir directed towards Brock Lesnar’s previous profession (professional wrestler in WWE), Brock Lesnar gets the last laugh.

Read moreRead more

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