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August 29, 2012


WWE 13: Roster, Features, News, & Attitude

CM Punk WWE 13

WWE 13: Roster, Features, News, & Attitude

The “Well, It’s Another THQ Wrestling Game” Disclaimer for WWE 13

I’ll preface this by saying I’ve been very critical of both WWE 12 and the Attitude Era in general, but I’m going into this with a glass-half-full approach. Every time we as consumers do this, though, we are let down. That being said, you’ve been warned. I could tell you this will be the greatest game ever made, just to get you to buy it through my affiliate link, but I won’t do that.

Instead, like any other game that hasn’t had a 100% solid track record, I’d suggest renting/redboxing WWE 13 FIRST before dropping $60 on it (hopefully you’ll come back here and use my link).

Also, at the time of writing, I do not OWN this game. Consider this a speculative preview, based on the information that is out there.

Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE 13

Stone Cold Steve Austin in WWE 13

WWE 13: Features

WWE Live.

Apparently, the crowd ‘dynamically reacts’ to the action in the ring. I’m surprised they didn’t do this years ago. A crowd popping for a finisher or kickout seems like a no-brainer. Yet, WWE games haven’t really had this. Until now.

WWE 13 will feature two commentary teams, as well, to provide an authentic Attitude Era environment. More on that later. Commentary has always been a rough spot in these games, but if I have the option to specify whether I hear Michael Cole’s voice or not, I’m happy.

Relive the WWE Attitude Era

For many, this is a major selling point. I don’t blame them. While it may not have been my favorite time period, there’s still a nostalgic attachment. After all, the best part about the roster reveals for these games–year after year–is their selection of WWE Legends. We’re using the term Legends a bit more loosely this year as we include X-Pac, The Godfather, and multiple incarnations of Triple H, but it’s certainly not something to complain about. Would you rather it take three hours to try to download a created Godfather from Community Creations?

“Attitude Era Mode” will let you relive actual story-lines you may remember having seen on TV. Sounds good to me. More after the jump.

WWE Universe 3.0

For WWE 12, We were promised full customization for 2.0, and they didn’t really deliver. You can’t add/remove shows, you can’t make Superstars a single brand show, and you were forced to have a Divas division. Perhaps this is a bit of nitpicking on my part, but I don’t think it’s asking a lot. The computer booking AI was terrible, there were no statistics, and there was no sense or feeling of one year being different from another. The perils of having arena designs based on specific events, I suppose.

This year, we’re promised the ability to ‘dynamically shape your schedules, television shows, and rosters.’ Frankly, I’m surprised that this is pretty much the only information available for this mode, given that it’s a major draw for the series. I think they’re banking on the Attitude Era mode selling the game, but I hope they didn’t slack on improving Universe. My expectations are low, however, and I’ll probably stick to GDS’s Total Extreme Wrestling 2010 (or 2013, when it comes out).

Predator Technology 2.0

Predator Technology: “We have this revolutionary new system that’s so revolutionary and everything’s revolutionary and revolutionary.”

Predator Technology 2.0: “Sorry for all the clipping last year. We’re back with more revolutionary revolutions and it’s revolutionary Predator Technology buzzword buzzword.”

Consumer: “That sounds awesome! I MUST OWN THIS!”

Consumer, post-purchase: “What the hell is with all these glitches?”

Create and share your WWE



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WWE 13: The Roster

Now for the good stuff. I’ll stop being snarky and get back to the facts. First thing’s first, here’s the normal roster for the game.

WWE 13 Superstar Roster

CM Punk hits the elbow on Chris Jericho in WWE 13.

CM Punk hits the elbow on Chris Jericho in WWE 13.

Big Show
Booker T
Brock Lesnar
Brodus Clay
Chris Jericho
CM Punk
Cody Rhodes
Daniel Bryan
David Otunga
Dolph Ziggler
Heath Slater
Jack Swagger
Jinder Mahal
John Cena
Justin Gabriel
Kofi Kingston
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Santino Marella
Sin Cara
The Great Khali
The Miz
The Rock
Triple H
Wade Barrett
Zack Ryder

Looks pretty standard. Primo, but no Epico. Jinder Mahal, but no former tag champ Epico? Damien Sandow is announced as DLC. Not sure I like the idea of paying extra for a guy who should already be in the game, but I understand there are time constraints with new debuts in the ever-changing pro wrestling world, and translating it to the video game world. DLC has never been WWE Games’ strong point, though. They’re flat-out terrible at it. If Rock Band can put out like 2,000 songs that work with numerous PAST Rock Band games, I’d rather WWE Games didn’t try to reinvent the wheel (every year, by breaking spokes, usually) and instead find a way to have reverse-compatible DLC. I paid for Randy Savage. What do you MEAN I can’t use him in this game?

WWE 13 Diva Roster

Divas in this game include Eve, Beth Phoenix, Lita, The Bella Twins, Kharma, and Alicia Fox. AJ Lee is DLC. I never thought I’d say this, but where the hell is Kelly Kelly? The Bellas are part of the main roster? Layla is not? Natalya is not? Imagine the fun we could have had with “WWE Live: Dynamic Revolution Predator Farting Diva Technology 3.0.”

WWE 13 Attitude Era Roster

Big Bossman
Billy Gunn
Bret Hart
British Bulldog
Cactus Jack
Chris Jericho
Dude Love
Eddie Guerrero
H H Hemlsley
Ken Shamrock
Mark Henry
Mike Tyson
Mr McMahon
Paul Wight
Road Dogg
Shane McMahon
Shawn Michaels
Steph McMahon
Stone Cold
The Godfather
The Rock
Triple H
Trish Stratus

Not too shabby, I suppose. Though, it is kind of a cop-out when you have multiples of the same wrestler, taking up separate slots, rather than having alternate attires. The good thing about this, though, is their movesets may reflect their characters’ personality/style differences throughout the years.

Final thoughts on WWE 13

Rent it first. Seriously, be safe about it. The economy sucks and there are better things to spend your cash on. I’m not saying “don’t buy it,” but I strongly suggest a “try before you buy” method. But, if you insist, go ahead and pre-order it on Amazon:

What are your thoughts on the roster and features announced for WWE 13?

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